Pokémon Go Team Change: Mastering Team Medallions | Ultimate Guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide on mastering Team Medallions in the world of Pokémon Go! Since its release, Pokémon Go has captivated millions of players around the globe, combining the nostalgic charm of Pokémon with the excitement of augmented reality. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve deep into one of the game's pivotal aspects: Team Change, and how mastering Team Medallions can enhance your gameplay experience.

Understanding Pokémon Go Teams

The Origin of Teams

Pokémon Go introduced three teams: Team Mystic (Blue), Team Valor (Red), and Team Instinct (Yellow). Each team is led by a unique leader and embodies specific values and philosophies.

  • Team Mystic, led by Blanche, values wisdom and calm analysis.
  • Team Valor, headed by Candela, champions the virtue of strength and power.
  • Team Instinct, under the guidance of Spark, focuses on trusting one's intuition and the potential of Pokémon.

Choosing Your Team

As a new player, you're prompted to join a team once you reach level 5 and interact with a Gym. This decision shapes your Gym battles, Raid strategies, and team-based events.

The Role of Team Medallions

What Are Team Medallions?

Team Medallions are unique items allowing players to switch teams. Introduced as a response to players' requests for flexibility in team alignment, these medallions are not just a tool but a strategic asset.

Obtaining a Team Medallion

Team Medallions can be purchased from the in-game shop. However, their availability is limited to one purchase every 365 days, emphasizing the significance of this decision.

Strategies for Team Change

When to Switch Teams

The decision to switch teams should be strategic. Consider factors like local team dominance, your friends' teams, and upcoming in-game events.

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Pros and Cons of Switching Teams


New Collaborations: Joining another team can open doors to new alliances and Raid groups.
Fresh Challenges: It brings a fresh perspective to your gameplay, challenging you to adapt to new dynamics.


Leaving Established Groups: Switching teams might mean leaving a familiar group of players.
Adaptation Period: Adjusting to the new team's dynamics can take time.

Maximizing Benefits Post-Team Change

Building New Alliances

After switching teams, actively seek out new alliances. Engage in local community chats or social media groups to connect with fellow team members.

Adapting to New Strategies

Each team has its unique approach to Raids and Gym battles. Observe and learn from your new teammates to adapt quickly to these strategies.

Leveraging Team Strengths

Each team in Pokémon Go has its own strengths, and understanding these can significantly enhance your gameplay.

  • Team Mystic (Blue): Known for their analytical approach, join Mystic if you enjoy a more strategic and calculated play style.
  • Team Valor (Red): Perfect for those who thrive in combat and enjoy powering up their Pokémon to the maximum.
  • Team Instinct (Yellow): Choose Instinct if you have a keen sense for potential, focusing on Pokémon evolution and trusting your instincts.

The Social Aspect of Team Change

Networking Within Your New Team

Switching teams is not just a gameplay decision; it's a social one. Networking and building relationships within your new team can lead to more enjoyable and successful gameplay.

Coordinating with Teammates

Coordination in gym battles, raids, and events becomes crucial post-switch. Develop strategies that align with your team's strengths and goals.

Exclusive Experiences from Players

Success Stories

Hear from players who have switched teams and found new joy in the game, from building new friendships to conquering gyms previously out of reach.

Challenges Faced

It's not always smooth sailing. Some players share their challenges in adapting to new team dynamics and strategies.

Team Change and In-Game Events

Event Participation

Your participation in in-game events like Community Days or Raid Hours can be significantly impacted by your team choice. Choose a team that aligns with how you wish to engage in these events.

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Team-Based Competitions

Some events are team-based, and switching teams can mean a shift in event dynamics. Learn how to leverage this to your advantage.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Making the Most of Your Team

Regardless of which team you choose, make the most of it. Engage with your community, participate in events, and contribute to your team's success.

The Ultimate Decision

Remember, the decision to switch teams should be well-considered, as it shapes your Pokémon Go journey. Whether you’re seeking new challenges, a change of scenery, or just aligning with friends, choose wisely.

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